Top 7 NYC Dating Apps for Women

Top 7 NYC Dating Apps for Women

Amid covid expenditures, busy lifestyles, and a climate riddled with social anxiety among the masses, it’s virtually impossible to picture myself meeting someone organically, like the pilgrims did back in the days of old. I, like many of you, turn to dating apps to feed my growing yearnings for a family and partner.

NYC is full of beautiful, unique people I might not otherwise encounter were it not for the ingenuity of these apps, and I’m thankful for the safety of my phone, screening out weirdos for me - mostly. Take a meander around this list and decide which one(s) can aid you best in your quest for love!

#1 Filteroff

The smash hit newcomer to the scene, and topping off my list is Filteroff. What makes Filteroff unique to other dating apps is it’s heavy emphasis on safety that also promotes a genuine connection BEFORE wasting your time with dates that just aren’t meant for you. My first match was a lil hottie named Tucker, we had several virtual dates before we met up in person, another great feature this app offers. This process ensures what the app calls “intentional daters” meaning people who genuinely are looking for that happily ever after.

Tucker and I met up at one of Filteroff’s in person meet ups so we both felt safe meeting a stranger in the bustling city & ended up having a great time! Though we didn’t end up together, today Tucker and I are great friends thanks to Filteroff, and we both still consistently meet genuine great people through the app. The best part of the entire process is that yes, you might not always find your perfect match right away, but through the functions of Filteroff it’s still a win because the connections you build are real. It’s a lot better than a one night stand followed by a ghosting - ending up with a friend in a city where it can be overwhelming to make them.

#2 Hinge

Hinge is a relatively new dating app which a personal touch. It’s slogan is “designed to be deleted” which insinuates an emphasis on long term relationships. You are allotted 6 video/image uploads for your profile and instead of droning biographies, users chose from prompts with character limits to keep things short and concise. You can also upload voice responses. Search perimeters are highly customizable, more so than other apps even allowing you to filter for height preferences.

Free pairing works by using your daily “likes” and you are matched with those who like you as well. The premium membership allows unlimited likes and other upgraded services similar to any other membership dating service. The design interface is sleek, and the selection of positive potential dates is strong.

#3 Bumble

Bumble is a breathe of fresh air sometimes with its unique BFF function I can turn off the stress of finding my forever man and relax with the homies. Even more distracting yet proactive is the Bizz function where I do what I always do in the physical world: bury myself in my career.

Bumble is whatever you want it to be, and sometimes more, usually never less. It’s a good experience when I click with someone on this app, however I gotta be honest and say I utilize the other two functions more so than the dating app.

Regardless, give it a shot, it’s a fun design interface to navigate.

#4 Tinder

The OG of dating apps, the swipe for love headquarters: Tinder. I’ve had very 50/50 experiences with Tinder, and upon cross examination that seems to be the case with many. I like to think of it as panning for gold, finding that diamond among dirt. Not to say the people are dirt, but the theme of the app for some can be highly centric on hookups. If that’s your thing though, it’s a great place for some man candy!

Tinder offers both free and premium membership and is the template for most dating apps today. We definitely judge books by their covers here, but romance can be found hiding in plain sight if you’re willing to work for it!

#5 eharmony

My editors told me I could highlight “farmersonly” in this NYC feature “because it would be hilarious” so I bring to you it’s mainstream cousin, EHarmony. The actual OG of dating apps(not #4). I personally haven’t used eharmony because I prefer a free experience and find it is geared towards a 30+ age group however it’s a tried and true method. You’ve heard it a million times: “eHarmony works.”

Paying a membership fee ensures seriousness of potential dates and may business professionals use this service; find you a white collar man, girlfriend!

#6 Coffee Meets Bagel

Totally free, a little outdated, but a good place to make a splash or just test the waters regardless, CMB is there for you like a nostalgic cartoon, when tinder drains your soul and you still want to keep trying because loneliness is just not an option anymore. Focusing on connections and sincerity, CMB prides itself on 80% less ghosting, and I’m so sorry for the 20% that got fucked over during the stat recording period.

Go get some coffee with that bagel, babe.

#7 Facebook Dating

Believe if or not, Facebook Dating made this list. Some of the best dudes out there are ultra laid back and find the idea of dating sites embarrassing: Facebook offers a profile built upon the click of a button, for freesies. You can see who has liked you, set preferences and distance parameters, and block at will. A lot of your initial suggestions show mutual friends which is a cool feature, making the likelihood of meeting up in a safer situation with trusted individuals or getting an opinion from a friend a high possibility.

There are a lot of duds to cycle through, but the process makes it just as monotonous, but easy, as scrolling through Tinder.

Good luck out there babes, we deserve our happy endings, whatever those may be.

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